Auto & 18-Wheeler Accidents

New Mexico Automobile & Eighteen-Wheeler Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car wreck or 18-wheeler accident, it’s important to consult an attorney who can make sure that you are treated fairly. Soon after an accident is when victims are most vulnerable to pressure by insurance adjustors. At The Hayes Law Firm our experienced legal team will review your case at no cost to you. We are paid only in the event of a positive outcome.

Drunk & Impaired Driving Accidents: Drunk driving is a serious problem in New Mexico, and contributes to many accidents every day. If you have been injured as a result of a drunk or impaired driver getting behind the wheel, we can help you obtain justice and compensation for your injuries. Contact Us today.


Causes of Auto Accidents

Car accidents have many causes, including drunk driving, aggressive driving, excess speeding, driver drowsiness, poor road conditions, vehicle failure, stuck accelerators and negligence. Negligent driving can be a driver not paying attention due to countless distractions including texting, cell phone misuse, eating, changing the radio station, reading, or even putting on makeup. Many accidents are caused by a combination of these. If we represent you, we will fully investigate every potential avenue of liability and hold the responsible parties fully accountable to the maximum extent the law allows.

Providing Expertise In Accidents Involving:

  • Aggressive Driving
  • Cell phone and texting
  • Auto Design Defects
  • Distracted Drivers
  • Tire Failure
  • Drunk or Impaired Drivers
  • Defective Airbags
  • Vehicle Rollover and Roof Crush
  • Improperly Trained Truck Drivers
  • Improper Supervision of Truck Drivers
  • Improper Truck Maintenance
  • Overloaded Trucks
  • Truck Driver Fatigue
  • Lap Belt Spinal Cord Injury
18-Wheeler & Tractor Trailer Truck Accidents
New Mexico 18-Wheeler & Tractor Trailer Truck Accident Lawyers

18-Wheeler & Tractor Trailer Truck Accidents

On rural highways, congested highways and city streets, drivers share the road with large trucks and commercial vehicles based on an expectation that truck drivers and trucking companies will obey the laws that cover driving regulations, truck maintenance, and employment practices. When motorists and their passengers suffer catastrophic injuries and wrongful death in trucking accidents The Hayes Law Firm works hard to identify the responsible parties and hold them accountable. Whether the cause is driver fatigue, improper truck maintenance, and/or improper screening, or training and supervision of drivers, the New Mexico truck accident lawyers at The Hayes Law Firm have the experience, resources and technical abilities to figure out what happened and who should be held responsible. With more than 15 million commercial trucks on our roads and highways, transportation accidents pose a serious threat to motorists. Every year, more than 100,000 people are injured in transportation accidents involving trucks, 18-wheelers, buses, semis, and tractor-trailers. Because of their immense size and weight compared to cars and other vehicles, truck wrecks frequently cause serious, life-changing injuries.

Fatal Accidents

If a member of your family or loved one has passed away in a fatal car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or bicycle or pedestrian accidents, we understand that your family may be facing difficult challenges along with financial strain from the loss of a loved one. We can provide personal support and effective representation, and help you obtain justice for a loved one’s wrongful death. Compensation for a wrongful death claim can include recovery for final medical expenses, funeral expenses, future lost wages and loss of a loved one’s companionship.